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Group Reiki Session to Heal the World

March 22 

1:00 - 2:00 PM

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COVID-19 Response March 13, 2020
Committed to the health of our community

Our team is here for you. We are deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of our community, on every level. The clinic, studio and salon are open, and we are here--calming nervous systems, boosting immunity and helping people feel better in their bodies and their lives. We are continuing to keep safe hand-washing practices, diffusing doTERRA OnGuard oil (OnGuard is used to boost the immune system, promote respiratory health and kill air-borne microbes) and we're disinfecting all touched surfaces throughout the day and in-between guests/patients.


Please see the detailed information below for each department and some tips to stay healthy!


If you have a fever, show any signs of a compromised immune system, or have travelled internationally in the last two weeks, please contact us so that we can help you in a way that does not involve coming into the clinic, studio, or salon. 



At this time will not be applying the late cancellation fees for sickness; please do call and cancel though so we know not to expect you.


Acupuncture & Healing Clinic

We will continue to treat patients and monitor the situation as it evolves. Chinese Medicine is an important tool in fostering wellness, and we are committed to supporting our community in this way. 


Reiki is a great treatment for boosting the immune system and reducing stress/fear. You can schedule a Reiki session with Rhoda.

Recommendations that you can use to keep yourself calm, healthy and resilient:


  1. Wash your hands. There, we’ve done our due diligence on what cannot be overstated enough. Wash them every time you come in from the outside, every time you go to the bathroom, every time you think about it. Wash them, wash them good. 20 seconds or more. 

  2. Get enough sleep. This is the foundation for a strong immune system. Asleep by 10:30 pm. Lights out at 10:20 pm. Pretend you are a kind and loving parent to yourself, and gently admonish yourself that really, it's time for lights out at 10:20 pm. Because you'll thank yourself later and may even develop a good lifelong habit of investing in your health by getting more sleep. 

  3. Stay calm. Anxiety, fear and panic all increase the release of cortisol, which compromises the immune system. That's not what we want. And staying calm feels better anyway. Skip FB. Do some drawing. Do some yoga. Meditate. Pray. Breathe. Laugh. Take a nap. Do what you need to modulate your immune system by keeping calm. 

  4. Nourish yourself. Eat warm, cooked foods. Avoid sugar, avoid alcohol, avoid dairy right now. This will help your body operate from a place of lower inflammation--boosting the immune system and lowering overall stress. 

  5. Supplements and Vitamins that help: Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, probiotic, Lysine. 

  6. Stay hydrated drinking roughly 64oz of water a day.

  7. Get acupuncture. Let us help support your immune system now!

  8. Use essential oils. Keep your immune system healthy and respiratory system clear. Some recommended by Sam: doTERRA OnGuard and Breathe Blend

  9. If you have a sauna, use it to boost your immune system!


Schedule with us if you would like some help and support by clicking here



In addition to our usual cleaning practices and diffusing OnGuard essential oil, we are disinfecting surfaces between each client and withholding use of hand warmers.



The studio received a deep cleaning Friday, March 13 and will be disinfected after each class. High touch surfaces will be cleaned with stronger than normal cleaning solutions. In addition OnGuard oil will also be used and diffused at the studio. OnGuard boosts the immune system, promotes respiratory health and has antimicrobial properties.

  • It is strongly suggested that you bring your own mat/props to the studio and then clean them at home. If you do choose to use a studio mat or blocks, please use the disinfectant wipes/spray provided in the basket.

  • Blocks, bolsters, straps and barre props are optional for use and the cleaning schedule will be increased.

  • Eye pillows, blankets and hand towels will NOT be available for use. Please bring your own from home. 

  • Instructors will be avoiding hands on adjustments at this time.

  • Please be mindful and if you are not feeling well, it is best to stay home!



These are from some of the leaders in Sam’s field, with a focus on immune boosting and feeling grounded. Enjoy! (Also, you will feel better after doing these.)





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