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A Japanese form of massage which has similarities to Tai massage and Acupressure. Shiatsu is typically performed on a futon  mattress on the floor, the receiver wearing soft clothing. The practitioner uses hands, fingers, elbows and knees applying pressure to the body in a slow relaxing continues movement. Together with stretches and joint rotations you will receive benefits similar to yoga, massage and acupressure. Shiatsu can be used with relaxation, musculoskeletal therapeutic aims, or to benefit internal conditions or emotional re-balancing in the mind.

 *New Shiatsu Clients get 25% off first 80 min session

AromaPoint (new)

Calm your mind, relieve tension, and rebalance your energy with AromaPoint! Our massage therapist will use a combination of essential oils and finger pressure to work through a sequence of accupoints matched to your specific needs & the needs of the accupoints! 

50 min: $75  |  80 min: $100  |  80 min+aroma: $115

Save 10% with a package!


  • All prices subject to change. 

  • Packages are non-transferable between clients or family members.

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