Acupuncture refers to the insertion of fine needles into particular points on the body selected according to the theories and principles of Chinese medicine for the purpose of restoring balance to the function of the body and its internal organs.  Acupuncture and its adjunctive modalities are relatively painless and free from side effects. It provides both remedial and preventive care.  We use only the finest, sterile, disposable needles and try to employ the gentlest, least painful needle technique.

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Our mission is to offer mental and physical healing to the community through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and alternative healing modalities.  The intention is that TLA will become a facility that will help the public regain health and freedom from the strongholds of mental and physical illness. We will reach out to our community physicians, hospitals, high schools, police departments, churches and psychologists to inform them of the benefits that TCM can offer. We want to see people changed and healed.



•• Make available to our community alternative medicine that is natural, safe, and effective.


•• Provide awareness and education about the benefits of TCM.


•• Inform our community about the integrative opportunities TCM has in Western Medicine.


•• Provide a place that brings compassion, healing, and happiness to other lives.


•Give back to our community through service and contributions.




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